Patient Education

When your doctor determines that the best treatment for you is through prescription medications, Montana Compounding Pharmacy is able to compound that prescribed medicine to meet your specific needs. Sometimes, patients require something different than the standard application. Manufactures rarely give thought to the patient who may have special needs such as a sensitivity to synthetic medications or a physicians need to prescribe in lower dosages.

Patients enduring cancer therapies often benefit from the aid of compounded medications. Pain relief medications can be compounded into ointments for isolated therapy treatment. Some chemotherapy patients suffer from sore throats and can have painkillers administered through flavored lollipops in lieu of larger pills.

Often times research has developed new treatments for which there is no manufactured dose commercially available. Perhaps the needed drug for treatment, at one time was manufactured, but due to low sales and/or market size, production was stopped and will likely never start again. If the manufacturer doesn't produce a drug it is likely due to profitability issues and therefore your retail pharmacy may not stock it. With a physicians consent, we can compound these type of commercially unavailable medications into a unit dose that will meet your specific need.

In order for us to compound a medication for you it is very important that we receive a valid prescription, in writing or by phone, from your physician.

How do I find out about my current medication?